The idea is very simple. We make things smarter. Now we have smart cars, smart cities, smart fridges, even smart clothes. But many of us have a friend. A horse. I want modern technologies like IoT and ML serves not only to our things but to our friends. Horses. Where are some commercial solutions on market, even myself tried to found startup, but I do not know any open source project trying to solve this problem. And in the modern world, where data is the new fuel I believe that only by joining efforts from the community we will be able to collect real useful dataset to make a disruption. The overall goal of this project is to form a community to develop open architecture and algorithms for horse remote monitoring system. This system should consist of a wearable sensor, data transport infrastructure, machine-learning based back-end and web or mobile-based apps and allow us to monitor horse activity (like walking, running, resting, sleeping, eating, jumping) and base vital signs like temperature, heart and breath rates. I believe, that when we will collect the significant amount of data from various horses we will be able using community efforts to develop algorithms not only to know what are our friend doing but to detect various symptoms of such condition like colic or lameness. So here I will publish my research and project status. If you want to join - write me a couple words. This is the non-commercial project, all my researches sponsored by myself. But I believe that sometimes every participant will be able to monetize it, by providing managed services for local horseriding community or support infrastructure for example. If you think that your funds may help to speed up this project write me to. I think that we can establish some kind of transparent crypto fund to sponsor best participants.


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