Here is brief list of tech startups making IoT alike monitoring solutions for horses. If you know something interesting, please send me a message.

  1. Digital horsepower - good article with review of current market landscape. A litle bit outdated
  2. NightWatch24 - oldest,coolest, patented
  3. - looks like RIP
  4. HorseAnalytics - looks like only German site, some times ago I sow English version. Here is a stroy from Lemberg solutions about product outsorcing for Horse Analitytics. End-to-end development took one year
  5. Horse Alarm
  6. SEAVER connected equipment
  7. EquiSense
  8. StableGuard - 4 camera mobile monitoring system.
  9. Piavita - Rised 5.5 mln $ from True Ventures. Fyrfly Venture Partners, Zurich Bank ZKB, and several private investors. “Medically approved real-time vital sign recordings”
  10. Equinosis - special purpose lameness detection device
  11. Equilab
  12. Videquus - vdeo monitoring system
  13. Hoofstep “MOST INTELLIGENT connected device for horse management” written on their site
  14. GaitSmart Pegasus Accelerometers mounted on legs for gate analysis + software
  15. Arioneo - wearable attached to blanket or saddle
  16. Voltair - connected saddle. Equisense OEM?
  17. Equinity Technology
  18. HorseCom - hands-free for ridong helmet? franch only site…
  19. GMAX Equine perfomance systems
  20. Equsterian Innovaition Center

ToDo add locations, prcie and short descriptions